Technical assistance SERVICE endeavours to offer the utmost support and co-operation to our customers, maintaining a close relationship that begins with the start-up of the machine and keeps up with permanent technical support.


The integral solution for your company

  • Free hot-line service.
  • Standard and urgent spare part delivery.
  • Urgent technical assistance.
  • Programmed maintenance agreements.
  • Training.
  • Technical updates for machines.
  • Specific adaptations bring answers to new demands.
  • Channeling new projects.


With all this we supply global support to customers so they find answers to their needs.

Direct contact with technical assistance SERVICE 

Note: For any request for consultation, please indicate the model and serial number of the reference machine. In the spare, also indicating its code by the Service manual, it prevents errors and facilitates its management. If the code is not available, describe the same as much detail as possible.