Management principles / Quality policy


COEMTER designs, manufactures and sells machines for the production of bags made of sustainable plastic materials. The machines, as capital goods, are purchased by industries with the expectation of generating profitability. With this premise, and our own definition of business, the following principles have been established:

• To develop a dynamic organisation, motivated and prepared to face the challenges that the future demands, oriented towards efficiency and considering service and collaboration with customers as one of the main pillars of the company.

• To generate an environment of common objectives and trust between customers, suppliers and the organisation itself.

• To offer machines those make our customers' business as profitable as possible:

- Minimize the cost of manufacturing.

- Reliable and high quality.

- Adapted to real needs.

- Allow product differentiation to maximise its added value.

- Considering service as one of the main pillars, and maximum collaboration with the customer

• Respect the environment and ensure occupational health and safety.

We understand Quality as the global working framework in our organization and not as a particular section, adopting the quality management model based on the ISO 9001 standard.

We consider the spirit of continuous improvement as the main engine to evolve and guarantee the future.

The company's management is committed to promoting, strengthening and providing the necessary resources to achieve these principles and to be able to carry out the quality policy.