• Image Profitability


    We develop and offer equipment goods that generate high profitability and customer confidence.

  • Image Technology


    We design bags making machines that work with sustainable plastic materials, in a continuous innovative process and constant improvement.

  • Image Reliability


    Machines that fit your real needs, simple, reliable and high quality.

  • Image Service


    Service and maximum collaboration with the client are fundamental pillars for our company.

  • Image Beta Series foto

  • Plurality of quality finishes

    Standard roll.
    Overlapped bags on a roll.
    Labelled roll.
    Roll with few bags.
    Compact roll.

  • Plurality of product types

    Standard draw-tape bags, centered punched-out handle.
    Standard draw-tape bags, side punched-out handle.
    Elastic draw-tape bags.
    Exterior draw-tape bags.
    Bags from recycled film.
    BIO degradable draw-tape bags.
    Embossed bags.